Wet Rooms

We meet the needs of homeowners needing adaptations to their property in order for them to remain where they want to live safely and independently. To ensure the best individual solution for each customer we work in consultation with OT’s, Doctors and other Health Care professionals.

The following are some examples of the type of repair work/adaptations that we can do to make your independence easier by making access to and from the property easier. We can make access much easier and safer to essential facilities such as the bedroom, bathroom, lounge and kitchen.

Disabled bathroom adaptations

Level access showers / Wet floor showers

Height adjustable kitchens

Stair lifts / Through-floor lifts

Handrails / Access ramps

Door widening / Security

5 reasons why wet rooms are the UK’s hottest new bathroom trend

1. They’re highly accessible and easy to use & very convienient

As we’ve touched upon, wet rooms do away with full shower enclosure and tray, which provides easy access to the showering area without having to step over anything or move anything out of the way. Though this makes them highly convenient for people of all ages, it also makes them especially helpful to older people or those with mobility issues, as the design immediately removes a couple of daily obstacles that can sometimes be challenging to navigate.

2. They improve the quality and value of your property

This is a particularly happy bonus for our younger customers, or new buyers. When you install a wet room in your home, you’re essentially adding a waterproofing solution to one of the areas most notoriously vulnerable to leaks and water damage. Over a period of years, the wear and tear of regular bathrooms – especially very old ones – sometimes results in water running into areas it shouldn’t, or a build-up of damp and moisture on the walls.